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Residential Systems » Security Systems In Gallup, NM

Advanced Technical Services will work with our residential customers to help design and provide a variety of security equipment that best serves your needs. After providing a quote, we will professionally install the equipment and personally provide instructions. We also have lease/purchase options to help make our systems more affordable.

Security Analysis


We provide a free no-obligation security analysis. We will analyze the layout of your home, ask questions about keypads, pets, doors, windows, etc, and other specifics that might apply to your home and make recommendations and will always provide a quote. If you have an existing system, we can analyze what you have and provide you with the results for improvements, updates and additions, while attempting to use what you already have to save you money.

Security Alarm Systems

Because you want to protect your life, property and assets, we can professionally install motion detectors, vibration detectors, glass break detectors, door and window contacts, panic buttons and fire, smoke and heat detectors along with carbon monoxide detectors. Systems can be programmed to meet your needs should you want to arm it at night, etc. Our systems are connected to 24-hour UL monitoring stations, that will dispatch the proper authorities and notify you and/or anyone on the responding party list. We can also provide medical alert protection in conjunction with the security alarm.

Fire Alarm Systems

We also offer addressable fire alarm systems that can be installed independently or with an alarm system. We utilize addressable detectors that can pinpoint the location of the fire and will alert the monitoring station, who will then dispatch the fire department.

Security Camera Systems

Advanced Technical Services can professionally install our equipment and service our security cameras for your home to monitor exterior and interior areas. Your cameras can be viewed on a TV monitor, computer, or with your smartphone.

Music & Sound Systems

Enjoy your favorite music and movies in the comfort of your home. We can professionally install surround sound speakers, stereos, and intercoms so you can customize the music and sound in your home.

Medical Alert Protection

We can set up a medical alert protection system for you or your loved one which includes a hand-held remote that can be worn around the neck, or if you prefer, around the wrist. In the event of a medical emergency, injury, fall, or other unforeseen situation once the button on the device is pushed, the 24-hour monitoring station will contact the responding parties (relatives, neighbors, friends) and/or the proper authorities (police department and/or the ambulance service) that will be dispatched to your location to help with your emergency.

24-Hour UL Monitoring

Advanced Technical Services offers 24-hour monitoring services to ensure that someone is available 24/7 around the clock to dispatch the proper authorities when needed.

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